Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bold & Beautiful

Reveal a statement look, glamming your ears in this Sliver Rhodium Lion Statement Earring. Stop by your sassy female fashion store for it. Totalwrap is at 2nd Floor 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos or add us up on BBM to get yours. Our pin is 752b8d42. Its also available in gold.

It's Pantent, it's Black, It's LV

Nothing like leaning my lovely designer purse on my elegant outfit for my very special events. Get this classic Black LV Purse at your sassy female fashion store, Totalwrap. Stop by 2nd Floor 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos or visit http://availableattotalwrap.blogspot.com/2014/08/blog-post_49.html?utm_source=BP_recent for further inquiries.


One thing we guarantee here is to take you on a fashion trip from time to time and perhaps unveil some revelations.

Did you know that Swimsuits are as old as the name fashion and not so much has changed in the style of their makings since existence.  The modern swimsuits we have are rarely different except for the lighter materials used in making them and the community new standard of modesty... Lol.

Did you also know that Muslims came up with a type of swimsuits  called burqini that covers the whole body except for the face and it's highly favored by some Muslim women.

In some part of the world, Swimsuits are worn as under garments and my point is,  would you for any reason wear them as one to an event or function??

Roll in your comments


 When it comes to the red carpets, dinners, watching the games, fashion weeks and the the runway, patent shoes are a thing. 

Those glossy, shiny finished leather shoes are in trend and the good news is, there are NO RULES as to how to follow this trend. This patent shoe trend has gone beyond a foot wear for entertainment and leisure to the corporate world. Yes you can also wear your patent shoes to work. 

-Wearing your patent shoes or sandals is all about your style and the kind out outlook you want to give off. 

-Patent shoes generally make a statement because of its of its sleek- smooth, shiny appearance and how it makes your outfits more dressy and attractive. So for days you wanna go unnoticed, you might want to put your patent shoes aside and rock it for your treasured events.

-To work, dark coloured patent shoes are best. You can go for black, brown or navy blue patent shoes.
Like I said, no rules for the Patent Shoe trend, Its all about your style, so I've got you pictures of gorgeous patent shoes and sandals on the runways and on celebrities.

Peep the look on celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna Christina Millen, Toke Makinwa, Nicki Minaj, Kim and Kourtney Kardashain...rocking the patent shoe trend to various events with their various, gorgeous outfits.
 So Get inspired and don't forget to keep the Patent Shoe Trend Alive.

Blending your Gold with Pearls & Flowers

Get this Double Gold Pearl With Flower Statement Earring for a classy elegant look. You can pair it on your evening gowns and glam outfits for a snazzy finish. To reveal your true beauty, get this unique earring at your sassy female fashion store, Totalwrap. It's also available in silver. Visit 2nd floor 33 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos or call08188733049 for further inquires and to place your order.

Its got Me in Love

This Green Saint Laurent Moujik Bag has got me in love with my world. With this bag, every thing seems sooo cool and perfect. Rock this really unique bag to brighten up your world. Stop by your sassy female fashion store for it. Totalwrap is at the 2nd Floor 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos or add us up on BBM to get yours. Our pin is 752b8d42.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Come Get Your Strap Zipper

For the hottest casual look ever, wear this Gold Cage Design Ankle Strap Zipper Closure Sandal. Its perfect for your glamorous parties, concerts, for clubbing and for your red carpet looks. And the good news is, its available in size 39(8.5) at your sassy diva store, Totalwrap. Just drive by 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos and head to the 2nd floor for this gorgeous sandal and more. For further inquiries and to place your order, add 752b8d42 or 2b1a551a on BBM or visit http://availableattotalwrap.blogspot.com/2014/08/name-gold-cage-design-ankle-strap.html?utm_source=BP_recent.


This humorous observation is totally from some concerned men angle and after keeping quiet for a while, they finally thought to spill it out. 

The concept of fixing nails on fingers and toes is almost untraceable, it has being for a long while and has always been appreciated until some fashion bonkers got it all wrong. 

Long nails are absolutely displeasing to the sight and some people consider it very horrific, fetish and a disobedience to fashion etiquette. 

Nails are not claws or fangs, and except those very long fixings could open the vault of a bank, they are absolutely not necessary asides the important fact that they can cause some dangerous nail injuries especially splitting.

Imagine the Look...

...of this Grey Fendi 2 Jours Studded Neoprene Medium Tote Bag paired with denims and pointed shoes or the snazzy blend when paired with your skirt or trouser suits. Look trendy and classy with this vintage bag. It's available in your most treasured female fashion store, Totalwrap. Stop by 2nd Floor 33 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos to get yours or chat with us on BBM to place your order. Our pins are 2b1a551a or 752b8d42. Visit http://availableattotalwrap.blogspot.com/2014/08/blog-post_57.html#links for further inquiries

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Love My Look- Thanks! 2 My Dress

I love my look in this Black and Sliver sequinned cutout baby doll dress, its so Chic and classy. Come get styled in this unique dress, at your snazzy diva store, Totalwrap. Its available in size 8. Stop by 2nd floor 33 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos or add us add us up on BBM to place your order. Our pin is 752b8d42.

My All Weather Shoe

Tick to work, Tick for red carpets and Tick on all outfits. Get this Black Pointed Toe Platform Stiletto Heel Shoe for your multiple functions and outfits. Its available in size 39.5 (9), 40.5 (10), 41.5 (11). Stop by your trendy female fashion store, Totalwrap at 2nd Floor 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos. For further inquiries and to place your order, add 752b8d42 or 2b1a551a on BBM or visit http://availableattotalwrap.blogspot.com/2014/08/name-black-pointed-toe-platform.html#links.

I'm Walking On Sunshine...Oh Oh

Every stride in this Patent Neon Yellow Chain Detailed Ankle Strap Shoe is bound to brighten up your day and look; keeping you as bright as the sun. Get this trendy shoes at your one stop female fashion, store, Totalwrap. It's available in size 39.5(8.5) at 2nd floor 33 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos or visit http://availableattotalwrap.blogspot.com/2014/08/name-patent-neon-yellow-chain-detailed.html?utm_source=BP_recent for further inquiries and to place your order. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Trendy Wrap

With patent shoes in vogue, ankle strap sandals in trend and a charming colour that suits all... this shoe has got three trends wrapped up in one. Get this Patent Nude Chain Detailed Ankle Strap Shoe at your trend setting personality interpreting female diva store, Totalwrap. Stop by 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos or call-08188733049 for further inquires and to place your order. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chop knuCKLE! as you buCKLE to your anCKLE

 Love it, love it and love it some more, till you get this Black Cutout Buckle Multistrap Shoe. Its got a 'buckle to your ankle then zip-up' kind of swag. Its buckle makes a statement and its at the same time adjustable to suit your sleek feet. The back zip makes it fast and easy to wear-No stress no strain. Get this statement shoe now at your sassy female fashion store, Totalwrap. Its available in size 39(8), 41(10) at 2nd the floor 33 Toyin Street Ikeja Lagosor visit 

The Statement Wedge Just Arrived!

Are you a size 41? Then come slip your feet into this elegant Black Studded Detailed Strappy Wedge.
Its gold studded designs will keep you love struck + the mere fact that it's a classy wedge will make you long to pair it with tones of your outfit. Come get this sassy wedge at your stylish female fashion store, Totalwrap. Stop by the 2nd Floor 33 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos. For further inquiries and to place your other, visit http://availableattotalwrap.blogspot.com/2014/08/blog-post_64.html?utm_source=BP_recent

Loving, loving & loving this Sandal

Red Carpets, Dinners, Birthdays, Weddings, Glamorous Events and Hot looks... This Orange Python Skin Sandal goes with every thing that speaks glamorous and events.... Get this gorgeous sandal at your snazzy female fashion store, Totalwrap. Its available in size 42 (11). Simply stop by; 2nd floor33 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos or chat with "@totalwrap" on instadirect for further inquiries and to place your order.

MTV Music Video Awards in Pictures

Celebrities and stars gathered on Sunday night in Los Angeles for the long awaited 2014 MTV Music Video Awards. You can tell all the big names in the industry came in their diverse style and fashion. 

Take a peep at the pictures and a lil note on what they wore. 
 Then the queen who glammed with so many awards, Beyonce appeared in a Black Nicolas Jebran dress, and a wine cutout side gown then for her performance Beyonce glammered in dazzling colouful Tom Ford costume. 

 Hmm  Nicki Minaj...Whatever or whoever made you start to go more natural needs to be awarded. I just love her look. Nothing artificially or scary... just Nicki in Print Saint Laurent short dress and nude pumps. 

 Then Ariana Grande goes all leather in Moschino cant say its the best look for an award night but it worked sha..

 Kendall Jenner appeared 'OKAY'in black Alon Livne mesh top, bralet and pants.

 Iggy Azalea in white and black Nicolas Jebran dress
 Amber Rose showed up nearly nude in a chain dress- a not too good look if you ask cause you could see her excesses in it. Then Rita Ora glammed in Red Donna Karan Atelier Cut Out dress.

 Miley Cyrus flows suit in Alexandre Vauthier Couture leather bub tube and high waist pan. She pairs it with a metallic silver wine strap sandal and back purse.

 Then Katy Perry appeared in an interesting custom Versace dress and bag. Looking Good Katy...

 I love Nina Dobrev look in Zuhair Murad red and black Grecian dress. I've always been a fan of Grecian dresses. 

 Taylor Swift wore a Mary Katrantzou romper. I loved the colour and design but it was rather too casual for the award.

 While Kim Kardashian-West appeared rather tired in in Balmain cape print dress. Or maybe she wasn't tired, just that the wind had blown her out at the edges making her look different from the perfect look we always see.

Jennifer Lopez hardly has a problem with looking good on the red carpet. She looked elegant and hot in a nice shimmering silver cutout Charbel Zoe gown.