Friday, July 1, 2011

Skirting The Skirts!

According to what's in vogue, the jeans, pants, leggings, trousers, shorts and all other leg pairs make the "skirts" seem drabby and incapable of achieving a trendy look. Well, this is a no-no as there are variety of colours, styles, shapes and lengths of skirts to choose from and at the end of the day,one definitely ends up discovering two to three that are suitable for all events as extras-real deal huh!
Gone are the days when skirts are only linked with formal wears because now, fashionistas can make style statements with them.With the skirts,one can grace any occasion from weddings, award shows, cocktail parties,get-togethers, hot events, formal occasions and much more.The good thing is that,there is no real end to the number of options available to women and that's why we are always on top of the game-setting the trend!

The styles include the embellished gypsy skirts, pleated skirts, fish-cut skirts, carribean skirts, long skirts,A-cut skirts, wrap around skirts, mini skirts, foil skirts, mid length skirts, high-waist skirts and the list is never ending.The only time to be cautious with the colours is when you are dressing for work. Standard colours like the brown, black, deep blue, gray, chocolate brown etc are suitable for formal settings like business meetings, lunch or office and not forgetting that the styles should be conservative, formal but chic ¤winks¤ You know we can't do without it!

Another good thing about skirts is that they look fashionable in any fabric as long as they are properly paired with the right shoes, blouse and jewelleries. It's important for every woman to have an adequate number of trendy skirts for every occasion-don't be found wanting.

Yeah! We look hot in jeans and every other leg pairs but it will be unfair to Fashion&Style if we don't go all round. Women should be stylishly versatile you know...

Whether it's tie dyed, floral, pattern, polka dot, draft, motifs and so on.Or tweed, ankara, silk, linen, tissue, lace, cotton, wool ecetera. May be yellow,blue,green,black,red,chocolate,pink,wine,purple,name it...Know that a skirt is useless if it's not properly fitted and one can only make fashion statements when it is carefully tailored and flawless on you.

Of all fashionable clothings, the skirts should be the most favourite among women because it represents us. Skirts are certainly not drabby but are cute, sexy, classy and chic of course .With them, one can add the most interesting and alluring feminine couture pieces to the wardrobe.And to sign out this article I say," Get the skirt today at Total Wrap to stay fashionable, besides it can be an excuse to show-off those hot legs!"¤laugh laughs¤

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